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Energy Systems Field

Since the establishment of the company in 1936, the Energy Systems Field has supported the diffusion of household electrical appliances and power infrastructure. Currently this field is positioned as the core business of the SWCC Group, which is widely engaged in the improvement of infrastructure not only within Japan but also overseas. Electrical wires and power cables are in effect the lifeline that circulates blood and nourishment into the various facilities and household appliances that we use in our daily lives. The field is also developing products that are essential for the smart cities of the future, such as high efficiency motors and cables with high transmission efficiency, to realize low-carbon societies.

Oxygen-free copper

Electric power accessories "SICONEX"

Compact and environmental accessories for high voltage power cable introducing our innovative insulation technology.

XLPE insulated power cable

Power cable insulated by crosslinked polyethylene

Submarine Cable

Submarine XLPE cable up to 500kV

Overhead Cable

Overhead transmission line (ACFR, etc.)

Power cables with electromagnetic shielding

Power cables with electromagnetic shielding

Fire extinguishing cables

Super conducting current lead

Used for energization and connection of superconducting system

X-ray cable

Used for X-rays,electron beams,

and lasers equipment field.

Water-cooled cable PDF

Used for the melting induction furnace,melting arc furnace

and electroslag remelting furnace etc.

Supply Records

Major projects of SWCC in the world

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